Hole 1 – Riverside

The fun starts early with this opening hole that features the Mississippi River along the whole right side length of this 400+ yard Par 4. The tee shot calls for a fade because the best shot to the green is played from the “riverside” of the fairway. In fact, if you are in the left rough, you will have […]

Hole 2 – Grey Cloud

What a beautiful backdrop to this excellent Par 3. Be careful – don’t miss this elevated green. Favor the left side of the green because if you miss the green to the right, you are most likely in “Big Muddy.” Prevailing wind may be in your face from this tee. The green is large, with fun moves in the […]

Hole 3 – Oaktree

Another spectacular river view from the tee starts this dogleg left Par 5, 489 yard hole. The optimum tee shot is aimed at the left of the large oak tree. Large hitters might be able to get home in two shots from a drive down the left side. A tee shot to the right of the oak tree is not […]

Hole 4 – Death Valley

Have you ever heard of Death Valley? This long Par 3 is cut from similar terrain. A downhill tee shot in to the green that is huge and undulated – one of the largest in the state. Once on the green, a two putt is a pretty good result. Green widens as it goes back so use plenty of […]

Hole 5 – Humpback

Aim at the mound in the center of the fairway. A draw off this mound is the optimum drive. A driver is not always needed here, as it is possible to drive it through this dogleg left Par 4. The second shot is a medium iron to a horseshoe-shaped undulated green. Best place to miss this green for a […]

Hole 6 – Deer Trail

What a challenging Par 3 of 185 yards through the trees. Play safely to the middle of this green favoring the right side. Very difficult to save par if this green is missed on the left. Must hit a very solid shot to hold this green. It is not possible to “scrape” an iron shot here and make three.

Hole 7 – Hill or Dale

A Par 5 that insists you play with patience to escape without making a big number. A drive that favors the right side is the best opening play. At this point, a decision needs to be made regarding playing “Hill” (upper, left fairway) or “Dale” (lower, right fairway). “Dale” offers a slightly blind approach, while the harder to hit […]

Hole 8 – Precipice

Play drive over the marker stone. This Par 5’s fairway is very wide, but a good drive down the right side will allow the long hitters to gamble with a second shot to reach this green. If laying up, the best second shot is to 100 yards to avoid the fairway bunker. Then be careful to judge the downhill […]

Hole 9 – Breather

This is one of the most scenic holes on the course. Favor the right side because a miss left winds up in the river.

Hole 10 – Pits

There are three fairways separated by deep, fairway bunkers. The left fairway ends at 220 yards from the white tees. The middle fairway is the best approach but is the most difficult to hit. The safest drive is to the right fairway that eliminates the three deep pot bunkers from play, but leaves a much longer approach to the […]

Hole 11 – Gamble

A short Par 5. Aim straight away off the tee. Can you clear the water before the green, in two shots? Sprinkler heads give the yardage, but the shot plays longer since it is slightly uphill. If unable to clear the water, lay up right of the pump house for a short approach.

Hole 12 – Prairie

Favor the left side of the green as it slopes left to right, but beware of the deep pot bunker on the left. The green is big, trust the yardage, and go for it. You will have to play the full yardage and fly it on the green as run up shots will come up short since this green […]

Hole 13 – Railroad

The safe play on this Par 5 is a drive that favors the right side to avoid the hazard down the left. There is a lot more room to the right that one thinks. The best lay up for the second shot is to 100 yards, just short of the fairway mounds. Be sure to favor the right side […]

Hole 14 – Pilgrimage

Aim straight away between the fairway bunkers. The second shot presents four options. The lay up short of “hell bunker” will leave a more visual approach but a tougher angle. The best option for the second shot is to play left of “hell bunker.” This will allow you the best sight of the green so that you can hold […]

Hole 15 – Cape

This Par 4’s tee shot challenges you to take off as much of the water as you dare, thereby shortening the second shot to the green. A drive through the fairway will leave a difficult approach. The safest drive is aimed towards the 150 yard marker and on the right side of the fairway.

Hole 16 – Options

Placement of the tee shot is critical on this short uphill Par 4. The prudent play is 100 yards short of the green. However, if conditions are right, it is possible to drive this green.

Hole 17 – Badlands

A Par 3 named “badlands” for obvious reasons. A true links hole with a little Pine Valley mixed in. Trust the yardage and have fun! This hole usually plays into the wind, so use plenty of club.

Hole 18 – Vista

A good tee shot rewards you with a beautiful view of the river as a backdrop to this fine Par 4. The downhill approach plays short. A great finishing hole!